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Inclusive Transitional Kindergarten (ITK)

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Correspondence for students admitted to the South Whidbey Inclusive Transitional Kindergarten program is available on Parent Square linked here:

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year. We are excited to be launching our first ever South Whidbey School District Inclusive Transitional Kindergarten (ITK) program. 

This is a 5-day a week program, per Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) our State Department of education requirement.  The  program follows the same bell schedule, transportation (school bus is available to all ITK students) and school calendar as the elementary school (8:25 to 3:00).

We are thrilled to introduce our ITK Teacher, Lisa Thomas. Lisa holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching from the University of Washington and has many years of experience in early elementary education.  Lisa is very excited to support the ITK program and excited to meet her students and families! 

Here is an overview of the program:

  • ITK is a classroom for any child who turns 4-years-old by August 31st. 

  • ITK serves children who have had a limited preschool experience, dual language learners, and students who may receive services on an IEP

  • ITK is a no cost, 5 day a week program

  • ITK provides transportation and meals are available

  • ITK uses research-based curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for 4-year-olds (such as Creative Curriculum)

  • ITK students will engage the WaKIDS evaluation process

  • ITK is taught by a certificated teacher who has an early childhood endorsement and/or experience working with preschool-aged children

  • ITK is one more choice for preschool aged children amongst others for the families in the community.

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