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Attendance Line: (360) 221-0637 

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* Pick-up Patrol (PUP): Pick-up Patrol Parent Portal

Pre-Arranged Absence Form

OSPI Attendance/Truancy Requirements for WA State (linked here)

The SWSD faculty considers regular attendance to be a necessary and vital part of learning and course mastery. Over the past five years, we have seen dramatic improvements in student attendance. We continue to support District Policy No.3121 (See Board Docs for current policy) requiring students to attend school regularly. Primary responsibility for regular attendance rests with the student and his/her parent or legal guardian.

When a student is absent from class, the parent/guardian is responsible to inform the school in two ways:

  1. On the morning of absence, call the attendance line. Please give student name, parent/guardian name, phone number, dates, and reason for an absence.
  2. On the day student returns to class, send a note with your student. Please give student name, parent/guardian name, phone number, dates, reason for absence, with your signature.
    Any absences, which are not verified on or before the day that the student returns to class, will be marked as truant. If the absence is cleared within 10 days by the parent/guardian writing a note (per point 2 above), the truancy will be dropped. Truant students will be assigned the appropriate discipline.


    1. EXCUSED absences are those, recognized by the school, as valid reasons for missing class (as per District Policy No. 3122):
      • Illness, health conditions
      • Medical/dental appointments
        We highly recommend that students obtain a note from their medical/dental provider, whenever they have an appointment.
      • School approved activities, such as sporting and music events, academic competitions, and field trips.
      • Family emergencies, such as death in the family or hospitalization
      • Religious observances
      • Court dates or appointments as required by law
        (This does not include visitations that should be done outside of school time.)

      See section below for details of pre-arranged absences.

      • Those pre-arranged absences which fall into the categories listed immediately above
      • Disciplinary actions, assigned by the school

      MAKE-UP WORK: Teachers are required to provide make-up work.

    2. UNEXCUSED absences are those authorized by the parent/guardian but not recognized by the school district as a valid reason for missing class (per District Policy No. 3122). Family vacations or trips can fall into this category.
      MAKE-UP WORK: Teachers are not required to provide. Make-up work is at teacher's discretion.

    3. TRUANCY is an absence without valid justification from a parent/guardian or from school staff.
      MAKE-UP WORK: Teachers will not provide.

    Like all schools in Washington State, SWSD is bound by a State Law (RCW 28A.225.030) requiring school districts to inform juvenile justice authorities when a student accrues five (5) unexcused truant full day absences in a month or 10 full day absences in a school year. (A full day's absence is defined as missing one-half or more of the student's scheduled school day.) Students in this situation may be required to appear in court and may be ordered to serve court-appointed detention time for repeated attendance violations.

    For any student that has repetitive attendance issues and/or 10 or more absences in any single term, SWSD may require the student to sign an individualized attendance contract for the purpose of attending school regularly. Attendance contracts are very specific in nature and will name the consequence for failing to meet the terms of the contract.

    All parents/guardians and students receive an update of the student's attendance record at time of grading. Upon receipt, parents/guardians and students must review the attendance record for accuracy. Please contact the attendance office immediately with any questions or concerns.


    PRE-ARRANGED absences are personal absences of more than one (1) school day of which teachers have been made aware, such as appointments, family events, trips, etc. College visits (again, causing a student to miss more than one school day) must be pre-arranged and require proper follow-up documentation from the college(s) visited. Students get a pre-arranged absence form in the attendance office at least three (3) school days in advance. The form requires signatures from student, parent/guardian, teachers, and administrator. Forms are available in the attendance office. Completed forms must be turned in to the attendance office. Pre-arranged absences may be either excused or unexcused in nature. MAKE-UP WORK: If excused absence, teachers will provide make-up work. If unexcused absence, make-up work is provided at teacher's discretion.

    NOTE: School-sponsored events, including field trips, athletic contests, music events, or other absences created by approved school-sponsored functions, are automatically pre-arranged by the teacher in charge. Students do NOT need a pre-arranged absence form for these. Make-up work is a guaranteed privilege for school-sponsored absences.

    HOW TO OBTAIN MAKE-UP WORKStudents are responsible to collect their own make-up work by contacting their individual instructors directly via e-mail or by leaving a message on the teacher's telephone extension. Please visit the high school website at to obtain the e-mail addresses and/or telephone extensions. 

    TardinessDefined as arriving up to five (5) minutes late to class, except for first period, which is 15 minutes. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late for first period or five (5) minutes late for all other classes will be considered absent, unexcused, and in need of an admit slip from the attendance office. If this absence is not verified, the student will be considered truant and will be subject to discipline.